Why I Want To Be Your Elopement Photographer

Halie West Photography | Adventure Elopement Photographer


Hi there! My name is Halie. I’m the girl behind the camera capturing adventure elopements of all kinds. I love exploring both new and old places and learning everything I can from them. I’ve been photographing since I was in my teens, but didn’t start pointing my camera at what filled my soul until college. It was then that I found that my passion for nature and people wildly in love had been within me all along.

A Bit About Me

As a kid I loved playing outside among the trees. In high school my favorite running trails were the ones that wove through forests. My love for nature has always been a part if my life, but it wasn’t until my fascination with National Parks that I realized this. This curiosity drove me to plan several road trips throughout college that had me exploring much of the southwest. My friends and I ran on little sleep, lots of caffeine, and drove long hours to get a glimpse of wild places. Some destinations included Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, White Sands, and Grand Canyon National Park.

This time on the road inspired me to form a deeper and more present connection with nature. Between road trips I spent a lot of time in nearby public lands, such as Joshua Tree or Forest Falls, to be more familiar with places I wanted to grow close to. My curiosity will forever take me on long road trips for the sake of exploration, but I also crave the familiar. There is something sacred and intimate in knowing a place so well.

Adventure and Love Makes Me Happy

My love for the outdoors made me want to be a travel photographer for National Geographic. (I hope to have a shot on the cover someday!) However, my photography goals changed after I met my partner, Stephen. As cliche as it may sound, I didn’t know love until falling so hard for him. At least not the type of love you can share with a person who is so different from you. A person who makes you feel like your best self, and who inspires you to create and live your wildest dreams. You know, the type of person you really just want to kiss all the dang time.

With Stephen in my life I began to understand how we can fall so deeply in love with someone, and not just dogs and nature. Much like the places that kept me exploring, I want to understand love more intimately. I want to tell love stories. I believe that your wedding day should be your greatest adventure yet.

My Beliefs on Your Wedding Day

I believe that, when it comes down to it, your love is nothing but your own. It is not traditions. It is not expectations. Your wedding day is yours. It is not other people’s perceptions. It is uniquely yours; a compilation of what makes you both so wildly in love. Your life and the events in it should reflect that. Don’t settle for what everyone else is doing on their wedding day. Be adventurous and creative. Make it all your own. What a life you will live, and what an experience you will have.

How We Will Create an Elopement Experience

So you want to go on adventurous elopement? Get excited! The adventures to be had are endless, but you can only choose one for your wedding day. Think of the places that inspire you the most. Write them down. When we get on the phone we will talk about your dream day, where you see yourself vowing your love to your partner, and where you love to explore. I’ll come up with a list of adventures that are just you, and we will plan from there! Your wedding day is truly a choose your own adventure- it couldn’t get more fun than that.

What I Will Do for You

Being your elopement photographer is a lot more than just taking pretty pictures. It means that I have the honor to work alongside you to craft a wedding day that is all your own.  I want to capture you and your partner simply. There will be no stiff posing on our adventure, just a lot of laughter and taking in the views. I believe in capturing your story together and forming a real experience that is all you. Your wedding day is for your love and nothing else. Most of all, I want to get to know you and your partner. I want to know how you first met, your favorite snacks, your dreams, and your greatest adventures. I really hope that we can form a genuine and authentic friendship.

We Are in This Together

I am your elopement photographer and guide to your greatest adventure yet- your wedding day. The day that will mark your calendar as your anniversary for years to come, yet it is so much more than that. It is a testament to your love and an outpouring of both your hearts and souls. It is one of the many adventures in your lifetime together, and a creation of your biggest dreams formed by what makes your love your own. Because your wedding day is yours. It should be. I want to help make it feel that way so when you look back you couldn’t have imagined doing anything else.

You should reflect on that day and flip through photographs thinking “This is so us.” I will bring all the stoke and tools needed to create your greatest adventure yet. You just bring your love and adventurous spirits. Want to get married in a National Park or State Park? Let’s do it. Did you fall in love with a plot of BLM land? I’m so here for it. Is there a spot that is meaningful to you or your family? Let’s incorporate it. I’m open to any adventure and I believe that every adventure is worth taking. I only ask that, like your love, this adventure is your own.


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Let’s start planning your greatest adventure yet today!