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Wandering With Your Dog: A Quick Guide to Adventure Success

Halie West Photography | Adventure Photography

Wandering with your pets in wild places can be a lot of fun. It’s rewarding when you both enjoy the journey. My pup, Lilly, has been to 5 states and traveled thousands of miles to accompany me on adventures. Through trial and error we’ve learned a lot to make these adventures go well for the both of us.

Lilly is a sassy mutt that I adopted from a rescue. We instantly connected, and I knew that she was meant to be part of my family. I’ve found that we are much more alike than I could have imagined. Like me she thrives in the wilderness, especially in the desert which has given her the nickname Desert Dingo (or Coyote Creature when shes being extra weird).

Here are some ways the Desert Dingo and I wander together

The first thing that you should do is ensure that your adventure destination allows pets. Some places, like National Parks, have strict rules on where pets are allowed to venture in order to protect wildlife. It’s important to abide by these rules, which is why other great places may be more appealing for you and your pet. Lilly and I have spent a lot of time trekking around Bureau of Land Management land, National Forests, and National Monuments that tend to have more dog friendly rules. If you are planning to take your pet to one of our public lands be sure to check with National Park Paws for up to date information.

Be sure to practice Leave No Trace! This includes picking up after your pet. I recommend poop bags that are biodegradable and scented so you both cut down on plastic pollution and don’t have to smell sh*t all day:)

For me, knowing leash regulations is an important rule to keep in mind. Lilly loves to run free like the wild child she is, but if that puts her or others at risk then it’s better to keep her on a leash. We try to find places where she can adventure at her own will.

Lilly’s Adventure Gear

When Lilly and I first started hiking I was always sure to carry water and treats. After running out of pack space between my own water, snacks, and camera I thought that Lilly could share the load. I got the Dingo this Kurgo backpack so that she can carry her own sh*t (literally). It also helps give her a bit of a workout and the bright red makes her stand out better in our surroundings.

If you think you may be cold then your dog will be cold. Bring a jacket if its cold so you don’t end up with a sad, frozen wet dog burrito.

Lilly has short fur and really loves her new jacket from Ruffwear.

She also got these sweet kicks which are great for protecting her feet from sharp rocks and hot or cold ground. I think her hiking boots may be cooler than mine.

Above all have tons of fun. There is so much out there to go explore. Hiking with your dog at your side adds to the experience and sweetens the memories. We are so excited to go on new adventures in our new home.

If you know a great pet friendly place in Utah please let us know!

If you’re planning on wandering with your dog and want photos to remember let me know! We can do a fun adventure session in a pet friendly place. Best of all, when you book a session that includes your pet I’ll donate $100 to a shelter or rescue of your choice!

Let’s go out and wander together. When we are with our pets we are most wild at heart.

Photos of Lilly and I by Ben Wilbirn