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Utah Mountain Elopement Inspiration | Logan, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Elopement Photographer

A Dreamy Day in the Country

Chelsea + Travis’s Utah mountain inspired elopement was sweet and simple. Surrounded by the mountains they love to explore, the couple wandered through tall grass and along dirt roads with their horses, Destiny and Pixie, and their pups, Sergeant, Ru, and Jake. There is something about a Utah adventure elopement in the Wasatch Mountains that feeds the soul.

Chelsea + Travis’s love is the kind you get when you mix a free spirit with a gentle heart. You find adventure. You find strength. And you find a whole lotta’ love for those you experience life with.

The bond they share with one another and each member of their family is unbreakable. It’s love that you can feel just by watching them interact. A quiet love like the settling leaves on a tree before the rain begins. While their love isn’t too loud these two are full of strong laughter and life like a beautiful storm.

These two met in college. It only took Travis three months to know that she was the one and buy a ring. That blue eyed girl who rode the fiercest of broncos had his heart. Her wild soul would mean he would never have to be tamed. He kept the ring a secret for many more months, deep down he just knew that she would be his wife.

With the Wasatch Mountains as Their Witness

It’s a real special thing to have your bridal suite in a horse trailer gifted by your parents. To have a ring placed on your finger that has been waiting to be there for years. To vow your love in witness of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. For these two a vow didn’t come in words, but rather a look. They locked eyes knowing that their love couldn’t be summed up in words. Their love is felt. It would simply play out as it had done before without expectation. The couple said their “I do’s” as the light began to fade from the valley that they call home in Logan, Utah. They walked hand in hand back down the dirt road that had led them on so many adventures accompanied by their dogs and horses. It was perfect that this road now led them further on their life together.

Let’s Go on an Adventure

Chelsea’s gorgeous dress was made by Petals and Promises of Logan, Utah for this mountain elopement.

Her simple and elegant bouquet was created by Florette of Park City, Utah.


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