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Sunset Elopement Inspiration | Meadow Hot Springs, Utah

Halie West Photography | Adventure Elopement Photographer


They are simply the stuff of stars.
Their souls became one:
A constellation forming
Across the deep night sky.

A Sunset Elopement in Utah

Hannah + Spencer’s styled sunset elopement had me longing for a moonless night with the Milky Way shining overhead. However, it was Hannah who was the real star. She floated as if walking on clouds the whole day. She shone bright basking in so much love from her man. Her love for Spencer is as endless as the galaxy. The two shared a drink under stormy Utah skies before sunset. They said their vows with only the mountains as their witness. That’s how an elopement should feel.

Meadow Hot Springs was the perfect venue for this special day. They held one another and swayed as if listening to music all their own. They were lost in the happiness for their elopement day. The present moment was all that mattered. Her, him, and the sky above where stars patiently waited to shine. Maybe the stars had fallen to fill Hannah’s beautiful dress. Maybe those stars shone in Spencer’s eyes, for they lit up whenever he looked at her.

Their summer elopement ended with the most fitting of sunsets. Gold, orange, and deep pink filled the sky. Watercolors against a blank canvas of sky. These are the moments you remember. The artist’s sky paired with an undying love. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this to end your wedding day. The two held each other as the light faded from the sky. The stars began to break through clouds to witness one last kiss.

Let’s Go on an Adventure

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