Sunset Adventure Session | Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Adventure Elopement Photographer


Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Sunset adventure sessions should look like this. A beautiful and meaningful spot on the map, two people in love, and a pup! The bonds shared between Alicia + Ian and their dog Charlie were heart warming. These two truly fuel one another’s adventurous spirit, and Charlie is sure to be with them every step of the way.

We started our adventure in the mountains behind their lovely forest home. The dirt trail lead us to an overlook that gave a breathtaking view of East Canyon, the Wasatch Mountains, and a distant Salt Lake City. Fresh rain brought yellow and purple flowers popping up all along the trail. The breeze pulled at our hair as it hummed through the grasses. The song of sunset had begun. Light slowly faded from the sky above, and the sun dipped slowly behind the peaks. A warm glow was cast over the field. Alicia + Ian gave Charlie plenty of love as the clouds reflected the joyous mood in an array of orange and gold. The couple even let me in on some of their killer salsa moves.

Love Stories + Sunset Magic

Their seven year love story is full of so many changes. From incredible adventures, to big moves, and to new jobs these two have been through so much together. They’ve gone on more adventures than I can count. Alicia is a backpacking pro, and Ian is an impressive rock climber. The two really push one another to get out there, and you know that Charlie is always stoked to tag along. Charlie is a strong adventurer himself. He’s getting older, but that hasn’t stopped him from summiting peaks or putting in long days on the trail. That bond between the three comes out again in their commitment to the outdoors, and in their commitment to one another.

The silence of the evening was often broken by laughter. There were plenty of smiles and big dog kisses to go around. While the real magic came with the beautiful sunset, Charlie probably thought it was when he got some yummy Zuke’s treats. As day came to a close Alicia +Ian settled into one another’s arms, and Charlie settled into their lap. They simply took it all in; the magic of nature turning day to night. The light breeze. The soft song on the wind. There was no where else to be. Even the grandest of adventures can take place in your own backyard. All that matters is who that adventure is with.


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