Post Wedding Adventure Session | Antelope Island State Park, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Elopement Photographer


A Date on Antelope Island

Jordan + Haydn made a brave and exciting decision to have a post wedding day adventure session. These type of adventures are fun, stress free, exhilarating, and let the fact that you are married settle in. Why not adventure as your first day as a married couple? You just experienced your greatest adventure yet- your wedding day. There are many more adventures to come after your wedding that you might as well get started right away with new experiences!

Jordan + Haydn had their adventure in Antelope Island State Park. They spent the afternoon exploring the golden fields, the lichen covered rocks, and gazing out over the shimmering lake. They also spent the day staring at one another with a deep, deep love. We frolicked through sun kissed fields and climbed over rocky terrain for the heck of it. Haydn and Jordan took in the beauty around them with every chance they got. For awhile they just sat in the sun and enjoyed the company of one another. The two held one another so close. When you love someone that much you want to feel it. You never want to let go.

Why Choose Adventure

We watched as the sun set over the lake, setting the sky ablaze in a range of oranges and golds. Jordan insisted on staying long after blue hour to take in the beauty of the moon overhead, and to hold Haydn close. We stayed out in the dwindling light until our fingers became numb. Adventures like these should be full. They should compliment your wedding day with another adventure that is just you. Haydn and Jordan did just that, and their love for one another as newlyweds shone through much like the golden sunlight.


Elopement Planner: Utah Creatives

Dress: Something Borrowed Bridals

Florals: Wild Escape Creations

Rings: Shop Rom Rom

Decor: Urban Blush Events


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