adventure elopement in oregon

The Ultimate Oregon Elopement Guide | Oregon Elopement Photographer

The Ultimate Oregon Elopement Guide

The Best to Elope in Oregon | Oregon Elopement Photographer

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Oregon is a paradise for those who love rugged coasts, inspiring waterfalls, epic mountains, and windy rivers. Oregon offer so many different places to elope that it can be difficult to choose! However, you can’t go wrong with any location as they are all beautiful.

Best Places to Elope in Oregon

  1. Crater Lake National Park
  2. Mt. Hood
  3. The Oregon Coast
  4. Smith Rock State Park
  5. The Columbia Gorge

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The Oregon Coast

Hug Point | Cannon Beach | Cape Kiwanda

  •  Rugged rocky coast
  • Sandy beaches and cool sea breeze
  • Rock formations from the imagination

The Cascades

Mt. Hood | Three Sisters | Crater Lake | Columbia River Gorge

  • Snowcapped peaks that tower over the horizon
  • Sweeping cliffs, river views, & an iconic waterfall
  • Beautiful alpine lakes


Multnomah Falls | Wahkeena Falls | Abiqua Falls | Silver Falls

  • More waterfalls in this state than I can count!
  • Stunning displays of nature
  • Offer privacy while you say your vows

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  • Mild temperatures with a high chance of rain
  • Wildflowers are in bloom


  • Temperatures range from mild to hot
  • Good chance of sunshine and blue skies


  • Mild temperature with a chance of rain
  • Fall foliage begins to show


  • High chances of snow, rain, and ice

The greatest time to visit Oregon truly depends on what you want your elopement to feel like and what adventures you want to go on!

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Crater Lake National Park is an incredible feat of nature. After erupting, a mountain collapsed in on itself to form a crater. It filled with glacial runoff over time to create the bluest lake you will ever see. Crater Lake has hiking trails, and island you can visit, and mountains you can climb. The lake and surrounding mountains make good witnesses to any wedding ceremony.

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Mount hood is a snowcapped stratovolcano that can be seen from anywhere in Portland. The mountain makes a fine mountaineeering expedition, and has countless beautiful location to be viewed from. This can include a meadow or a lake- a fine place to say your vows.

Photo by Sean Estergaard on Unsplash

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The Oregon Coast is made up of rugged, sandy beaches that are full of iconic rock formations. You can get married on the sand, on a cliff side, or in the water (if you are daring). The Coast is also home to lush rainforests, the cutest fishing towns, and you can’t forget about Tillamook Farms. An Oregon Coast adventure would be perfect for any elopement.

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Smith Rock State Park is a climber’s paradise with scenic overlooks and a canyon cut by a raging river. You can climb a few routes, slackline, hike, or mountain bike to experience the park. These towers of compressed volcanic ash are truly awe inspiring.

Photo by Dale Nibbe on Unsplash

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The Columbia Gorge includes a stretch of river that runs through the Cascade Range, countless waterfalls, and cliff top views. The Gorge allows for so many different types of adventure that you may want to explore for more than one day!

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Want to create an adventure wedding, elopement, or adventure session in Oregon? Let’s get started!

Looking for another place to elope in?

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