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How To Get Your Utah Marriage License

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How to Get Married in Utah

Want to get a Utah marriage license? With 5 National Parks to elope in and a range of environments, Utah really has it all. You can have sandstone walls and hoodoos as your witness. You can get married among the Wasatch or Uinta Mountains. These parks and surrounding wild places also make a great honeymoon destination! Read on to learn how to get your marriage license in Utah.

Pick a Date

Your future anniversary date should be the first thing you choose for your wedding day! This date is not only important for reserving your venue or national park permit, but is required for your marriage license. Your date can either be meaningful to you, or pair well with the location for your wedding day.

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Apply In Person

*Due to COVID-19 many offices are requiring that you schedule an appointment for obtaining a marriage license. Some offices have a form you must fill out before making your appointment.

To get your marriage license in Salt Lake County, first fill out this online application here! You will still have to go to the office to get your license in person. These marriage licenses are valid no matter where you get married in the State of Utah.

In Utah County you can get your marriage license completely online. These marriage licenses are valid no matter where you get married in the State of Utah.

Applying for a marriage license is an easy process. Being prepared and knowing what you need before you go make your visit quick and easy! Most counties require in-person visits, while some counties have online applications. Check with your county to see which is possible. If you are coming from out of state be sure to give yourself enough time in the state to apply for your license.

  • Both you and your partner must be present at the time on the application
  • You will need to put your full names and your addresses, and dates and places of birth on your application
  • Know both of your social security numbers
  • You must include each of your parents names and birth places. This includes both mothers maiden names
  • Bring your valid picture IDs such as a passport or driver license
  • Pay a fee ranging anywhere from $30-50. Check if your county takes cash only           

Offices are generally open on weekdays from 8 am-5 pm.

Get Your Marriage Solemnized

There a variety of officiants who can preform a wedding ceremony in Utah. This list includes any ordained ministers, rabbis, priests, and Native American spiritual advisers. Governors, mayors, and other members of legislature may also preform a wedding ceremony. At least two witnesses over the age of 18 must be present at the ceremony.


You may select a friend or family member to become authorized to preform your ceremony. This person should contact the County Clerk office where you got you marriage license, and email them to receive a designee form. To become a legal designee they will need to provide your marriage license number and a valid photo ID.

Utah State also recognized those who have been ordained by places like the Universal Life Church!

Have Your Dream Wedding Day!

Congrats you now have a marriage license! This license is valid for 30 days. Now it is time to have the wedding of your dreams. Pull your partner close and get ready to embark on this new adventure together!

Don’t Forget to Return Your License

Marriage licenses must be returned within 30 days from the date you obtained the license. You or your officiant can mail your license in using 3 stamps. You will receive 2 legal copies of your marriage license once it has been legalized.

Are You and/or Your Partner Changing Your Names?

You can legally change your name to match what appears on your marriage license after you have received your marriage license copies. The process can seem long and daunting, but it is totally worth it if you both want to share the same last name. You can find our more about that process here.

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