The Ultimate Idaho Elopement Guide

The Best Places to Elope in Idaho | Idaho Elopement Photographer

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Idaho is a truly magical place that often goes overlooked. The state is wild, rugged, and full of places to explore. You can expect privacy at nearly any locations, mountain peaks that create layers on the horizon, and a sense of wonder that comes with the untamed wilderness of the West.

Best Places to Elope in Idaho

    1. The Sawtooth Mountains
    2. Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve
    3. Sun Valley
    4. City of Rock
    5. Redfish Lake

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Plains & Basins

City of Rock

  • Large expanses of grass fields
  • Mountains, high wetlands, and high lava plateaus

Mountain Ranges

Blue Mountains | Northern Rockies | Idaho Batholith

  • Includes iconic ranges such as the Sawtooth Mountains
  • Jagged peaks, alpine lakes, forests, and plenty of greenery with wildflowers
  • Great skiing including Sun valley Resort

The Snake River Plain

Shoshone Falls | Crater of the Moon National Monument

  • a grand river that runs through southern Idaho
  • cuts through volcanic canyons, houses reservoirs, has waterfalls, and lava fields

National Parks in Idaho Yellowstone

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  • mild temps with a chance of snow on the ground
  • great time to hit the slopes


  • temps range from warm and mild to hot depending on the landscape
  • beautiful wildflowers and greenery


  • mild temps with wild and rain storms
  • fall colors start to shine through


  • cold temps with many storms
  • expect heavy snow, great time to ski that pow

Idaho is most popular from mid-May to September, but don’t let that deter you! Private ceremony locations can definitely be found in this rugged and wild state.

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