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Hot Spring Adventure Session | Meadow Hot Springs, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Elopement Photographer


Hot Spring Adventure

Parker + Anjellicas’s hot spring adventure session was nothing short of fun. Utah is home to many beautiful hot springs, and Meadow Hot Springs is no exception. Adventure sessions are a great way to discover something new. That could be discovering a new place or discovering something new about one another. Adventure sessions mean being intimate with one another with a photographer to tell your love story. there is nothing better than enjoying time together under stormy Utah skies and in warm spring water.

While their young may be new it is passionate, willing, gentle, and kind; bright like the colors of the setting sun and strong as the winds that swept across the landscape we found ourselves in. The hot spring water enveloped the couple while they got wrapped up in each other. Gentle kisses, full embraces, and lots of splashing went on in that hot spring. I don’t think there is a more comfortable place to be intimate with the one you love. The water enveloped the two as they became wrapped up in each other.

They were lost in each other’s arms and lips only to be found again in the reflections of the hot spring. Their love reflected back in each other’s eyes. A light that shines long after the sun sunk below the horizon. As the sun set over the horizon a pink glow cast itself over the water. Time seemed still as the light faded from the sky. The two ended their day with one last jump into the hot spring for old times sake.

Are you and your partner adventurous souls? Want to explore Meadow Hot Spring? Let’s go on an adventure together. We can soak in a hot spring or climb a mountain.