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Who to Invite to Your Elopement

How to Include Them + How to Tell Them | Halie West Photography

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Who Should You Invite to Your Elopement?​

Who you invite to your elopement is totally up to you and only you. Set down other people’s expectations and wants. Get back to the roots of getting married: your love. First and foremost, your elopement is about you!

What do you envision for your elopement? Do you see just yourself and your partner? Do you see your family members? Maybe a few friends? No decision is a wrong one – unless you aren’t being true to yourself. Do what is right for you and your love.

If you are choosing to elope just the two of you, congrats! Scroll a bit and keep reading for ways to include those who won’t be with you, and how to tell them.

If you are choosing to elope with friends or family, congrats! Keep reading for how to include friends and family in your day, and for ideas on how to include those you may not be inviting.

Can You Have Guests at Your Elopement?

Yes, you can indeed have guests at your elopement. Eloping focuses more on the time you both have together and what matters most to you. If celebrating your love with friends or family is high on your priority list, then invite those you love! These folks you invite should make you feel alive, support you, and make you and your partner feel loved.

No one deserves to be at your wedding. Invite those that you want to be around. You shouldn’t regret inviting someone because you felt like you had to do so!

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How to Include Guests While Keeping the Day About You

As I’ve mentioned, your elopement is about you first. Your love is what is being celebrated – not other’s expectations. So how do you do this when including guests? Take time for yourself!

Take Time For You

Spend some time away from your guests to celebrate the fact that you are getting/just got freaking married! This looks different for everyone. Make it memorable. This can mean eating breakfast together, watching the sunset just the two of you, or exchanging gifts in private.

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Have a Multi-Day Elopement

Multi day elopements are a great way to split up celebrating with guests and soaking it in as a couple. Have a wedding weekend where your ceremony is one day, and then celebrate just the two of you the next day. You can go on an adventure or relax and take it all in on day two.

You can also choose to celebrate as a couple the first day before seeing your guests! It all comes down to what makes you happy.

How to Include Friends + Family Without Inviting Them

Eloping just the two of you, or just inviting a few people, but want to have others feel included? Here are some ways that you can include those you love without inviting them to your elopement.

  • Have friends + family write letters for you to read on your wedding day
  • Video chat with loved ones during your elopement
  • Have friends + family record video to celebrate your love
  • Go dress or suit shopping with loved ones
  • Include loved ones in elopement planning. Get them excited about your adventure!

How to Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Elopement

Announcing Your Elopement

If you choose to announce your elopement you can either do so before or after your day. This can be done as paper invites you send to loved ones, as an email, or just by telling them in person or over the phone.

If you choose to share your plans before your elopement, I recommend making the point that it is your day. This is about you, not them. Some friends and family may be hurt by this, but ultimately that is on them and not you.

If you choose to share after your elopement, I recommend sending your gallery along. Seeing the photos of how happy you both are would help anyone understand why you chose to elope!

Have a Party Later

Some folks opt to have a party later so that they can celebrate with friends and family without the stress of the wedding. This is a great option if you enjoy parties and want a good reason to get out on the dance floor.

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