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Garden of the Gods Adventure Session | Colorado

Halie West Photography | Colorado Elopement Photographer

Martina + Justin chose to have their adventure session at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. The two have recently began to call Colorado home. With all the incredible places to explore in they chose to return to a spot they both loved.

It was my first time in Colorado Springs. It was really rad to have a couple guide me for a change. We spent our morning wandering through sandstone giants, admiring the formations, and staring off at the distant snow dusted mountains.
Martina + Justin have been on a bunch of adventures together from their time in California to their move across the states. I love hearing about my couples favorite adventures, funny stories, and plans for the future. They plan on getting married in California on a little property with horses. This came as no surprise to me as I’ve always known Martina for her love of horses, and you should always include what you love on your wedding day!

What is Garden of the Gods?

Garden of the Gods Park is a National Natural Landmark where you can feel small thanks to the sandstone rock formations that seem to touch the sky. The park has a bunch of rock climbing routes that look like fun. The park is also full of trails that are suitable for hiking and riding along. We had a lot of fun linking trails together to see the formations from afar and up close. It is one of Colorado’s most photographed public lands, and when you see the views for yourself you will know why. This park makes a great day trip, and I highly recommend going for sunrise.

Weddings at Garden of the Gods

The park even allows tiny weddings! We saw an intimate wedding forming as we were leaving the park. Garden of the Gods has six locations that you can hold wedding ceremonies ranging from a maximum of 25 to 50 guests. Best of all, these ceremony spots are at no charge. All six ceremony spots are first come first serve and do not allow for reservations.

Garden of the Gods was a beautiful place for an adventure session, and can be the destination for your next adventure or even your adventurous wedding!

Want to have an adventure session in Garden of the Gods? Get in touch! Let’s adventure together.

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  1. Garden of the Gods is my favorite place in Colorado Springs- but I have never been when it has snow on those gorgeous red rocks! They are so lucky to have such beautiful photos in such a unique place!

  2. I love how natural all of your photos are! Garden of the Gods is always the perfect spot for a couples session or wedding! Great advice at the top!

  3. I had never heard of garden of the gods before this, but now I definitely want to go there! It seems like a little slice of Joshua tree national park in Colorado!

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