Fall Adventure Session | Ogden Canyon, Utah

Halie West Photography | Adventure Wedding Photographer


Time for a Fall Adventure

Nate + Kirsten’s fall adventure session really made it feel like the seasons were changing. The fall colors in Ogden Canyon in Utah were at their peak, and we were lucky to see golden and orange leaves before winter had set in. Fall seemed to be short in Utah this year. Utah really showed us it’s full beauty as the setting sun shone between the leaves. A golden light cast over the forest as the two held one another and their pups close.

We were also lucky to find a little patch of trees off the road. The trail we wanted to go on had been closed. This only added to the adventure and led us deeper into Ogden Canyon. Kirsten and Nate walked around over fallen leaves while taking in the scenery before holding one another close. It didn’t take long until it felt as if it was only the two of them in those woods. My camera had been forgotten as the two were simply lost in one another. It’s a special thing to see two souls so deeply connected as Kirsten and Nate.

After some cuddling, we took some little family photos with Nate’s pups, Athena and Coa. These adorable cuties are sisters and were so good for pictures. Athena has the greatest ears ever!

Fall is such a beautiful time as the weather cools off and the landscape around us starts to change. Fall is best when explored with the ones you love most. Especially when those you love are dogs!


Want to go on an adventure together in Utah? Bring your pups (or even cats) and I’ll donate to the rescue or shelter of your choice! Get in touch. Your greatest adventure yet starts here.