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Crater Lake Vow Renewal Inspiration | Oregon

Vow Renewal Ideas | Halie West Photography


Vow Renewal at Crater Lake

David + Amanda have known one another for ten years. Six of those years have been as husband and wife. They have spent a little over a year traveling the country in their beautiful RV. I met this adventurous duo back in Joshua Tree for another styled shoot, and we have stayed in contact ever since. It was so good to be reunited with them once again in yet another beautiful stretch of public land. We began our sunrise vow renewal adventure at 3am. Nothing like an alpine start to fuel a beautiful adventure. The drive in to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon was quiet. The stars slowly began to vanish from the brightening sky as we got to the viewpoint parking lot.

Our fingertips were frozen only to be warmed by the demanding hike to the viewpoint. Snow at the top promised more cold, but that was soon forgotten. Our breathe was quickly taken from our lungs. The sweeping landscape before us was absolutely captivating. Crater Lake reflected a brightening sky as the sun came calling. A sea of jagged rock broken by the softness of rolling clouds. It was still as the wind caused us to shiver once more. Maybe it was excitement. Excitement to be in the presence of such wonder. Excitement to be in the presence of such love. The adventure had only just begun.

The Inspiration

There is a mixture of silence and yearning at sunrise that cannot compare to any other time of day. Spending that time with someone you love is an experience that transcends photographs. The two quickly changed into wedding attire as the sky began to lighten. Her dress was like the snow. His suit was as the cliffs. Their attire left the memory of their wedding day reborn in the form of a vow renewal. They held one another as the painter’s brush filled the sky. Sunrise. As the landscape around us changed to fill us with wonder. There was no place more perfect for these two to have their vow renewal. I hope this can inspire you to get ideas for your own vow renewal. Celebrating your love is so important, and a vow renewal is a beautiful way to remind yourself what is important to you about your love.

Love in a Vow Renewal

Love is like a landscape. When you look at it as a whole you get beauty. Wonder. Joy. Then you start to look closer. You see the trees, streams that weave through them, and the mountains that rise out of them. Then you see the cracked rock, the broken tree limbs, and the past scars from wildfires. You see fields of flowers, light gleaming off running rivers, and the sun overhead, and you see the light. You see the dark. Because it takes a lot to form who you are. It takes a lot to form relationships. And to keep them. Through the storms, and droughts, and lovely summer days. A landscape is ever changing, but in every moment it is beautiful. It just simply is.

Vow Renewal Dress: Reclamation

Florals: Brenna Burnett Florals

Hair and Makeup: Nicole McAfee

National Park: Crater Lake


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