winter mountain elopement in front of mount timpanogos in utah

Winter Elopement in the Wasatch

Winter Elopement in the Wasatch | American Fork Canyon, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Elopement Photographer


Winter in the Wasatch

Haydn + Jordan's winter elopement in the Wasatch Mountains took place at a beautiful frozen lake. We began our adventure by warming up with coffee and hot chocolate to combat the bitter cold. The day was full of snowshoeing around the lake, laughing a bunch, embracing the cold, and taking in the beauty of the area. However, Haydn's gaze was more likely to be on Jordan as she looked so beautiful in her dress, white like the freshly fallen snow.

Mount Timpanogos, and the couple's loyal pup Sykes, stood witness to their love. Haydn + Jordan's vows were filled with lots and lots of laughter, big smiles, and long embraces. Sykes was the Best Dog as their ceremony. He stood witness to their love, filled us with laughter, and showed how much he loves his parents. This goofy pup had a blast in the snow and kept us smiling while he got out his zoomies.

There's nothing more beautiful than this- a joyous experience to remember your partner and your pup.

Tips for Planning Your Winter Elopement

A winter elopement calls for peace and serenity. An adventure for those willing to brave the cold has quite the reward. Trails were empty and at times we seemed to have this grand view all to ourselves.
Landscapes look so vastly different when  blanketed in snow. While beautiful, they can also be treacherous. It is so important to be familiar with snow conditions in the area you want to elope in, follow the weather, have a backup plan, and know whether you need to use crampons, snowshoes, microspikes, or even a backcountry ski setup for your journey.

When planning a winter elopement it is important to find a dress that is easy to move in. A dress you can hide base layer pants under is a plus, and long dress sleeves can ensure that your arms are nice and warm. A thicker suit, or one you can layer under can also help you to keep warm. Being wound up in the arms of your love is also really great way to stay warm!

Thick jackets, hot drinks, hand warmers, gloves, beanies, and earmuffs are also necessary for keeping warm on your adventure. The cold doesn't have to stop you from having your greatest adventure yet! The cold doesn't have to stop you from looking your best on your wedding day either. Jordan's sweater complimented her dress and the snow, and kept her comfortable while the two read their vows to one another. A winter wedding day is an incredible adventure when you are well prepared and stoked to frolic through the snow.


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Antelope Island Elopement Inspiration

Antelope Island Elopement Inspiration | Antelope Island State Park, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Elopement Photographer


Amelia + Seth’s Inspiration Elopement on Antelope Island State Park was full of fun and laughter. We were surrounded by sun kissed grasses, a shimmering lake, and a big blue sky. These two were quick to find ways to run around and have fun. Seth was up for anything that would make his bride smile. Their love shone brightly like the sun in the little moments they spent together. There was nothing like getting to enjoy some wine and cheesecake in a big, beautiful tent! Glamping is an amazing and simple option for your elopement.

We explored along the quiet roads and through lichen covered rocks until the sun went down. Sunset was pure magic. The oranges and pinks were reflected off the still lake. The grass glowed gold in the setting sunlight. Everything seemed to slow as Amelia and Seth just took it all in. I loved getting to share these intimate moments with people who are so deeply in love. It was easy to see by the way Seth looked at Amelia that she meant the world to him. Her adorable grin whenever she noticed how enamored he was showed her deep love her him. We laughed and ran around under the crescent moon until it became to cold to bear. Elopements should be like this- a whole day full of laughter, joy, and memories that will never be forgotten.


Elopement Planner: Utah Creatives

Dress: Something Borrowed Bridals

Florals: Wild Escape Creations

Tent: Cozy Valley Events

Decor: Urban Blush Events

Rugs: The Boheme Project

Rings: Shop Rom Rom


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sunset elopement in utah

Meadow Hot Springs Sunset Elopement Inspiration

Sunset Elopement Inspiration |

Meadow Hot Springs, Utah

Halie West Photography | Adventure Elopement Photographer



They are simply the stuff of stars.
Their souls became one:
A constellation forming
Across the deep night sky.

A Sunset Elopement in Utah

Hannah + Spencer’s styled sunset elopement had me longing for a moonless night with the Milky Way shining overhead. However, it was Hannah who was the real star. She floated as if walking on clouds the whole day. She shone bright basking in so much love from her man. Her love for Spencer is as endless as the galaxy. The two shared a drink under stormy Utah skies before sunset. They said their vows with only the mountains as their witness. That’s how an elopement should feel.

Meadow Hot Springs was the perfect venue for this special day. They held one another and swayed as if listening to music all their own. They were lost in the happiness for their elopement day. The present moment was all that mattered. Her, him, and the sky above where stars patiently waited to shine. Maybe the stars had fallen to fill Hannah’s beautiful dress. Maybe those stars shone in Spencer’s eyes, for they lit up whenever he looked at her.

Their summer elopement ended with the most fitting of sunsets. Gold, orange, and deep pink filled the sky. Watercolors against a blank canvas of sky. These are the moments you remember. The artist’s sky paired with an undying love. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this to end your wedding day. The two held each other as the light faded from the sky. The stars began to break through clouds to witness one last kiss.

Let’s Go on an Adventure

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Mountain Elopement Inspiration

Utah Mountain Elopement Inspiration | Logan, Utah

Halie West Photography | Utah Adventure Wedding Photographer


A Dreamy Day in the Country

Chelsea + Travis’s Utah mountain inspired elopement was sweet and simple. Surrounded by the mountains they love to explore they wandered through tall grass and along dirt roads with their horses, Destiny and Pixie, and their pups, Sergeant, Ru, and Jake until the sun swept below the horizon. There is something about a Utah adventure elopement that feeds the soul.

Chelsea + Travis’s love is the kind you get when you mix a free spirit with a gentle heart. You find adventure. You find strength. And you find a whole lotta’ love for those you experience life with.

The bond they share with one another and each member of their family is unbreakable. It’s love that you can feel just by watching them interact. A quiet love like the settling leaves on a tree before the rain begins. While their love isn’t too loud these two are full of strong laughter and life like an beautiful storm.

These two met in college. It only took Travis three months to know that she was the one and buy a ring. That blue eyed girl who rode the fiercest of broncos had his heart. Her wild soul would mean he would never have to be tamed. He kept the ring a secret for many more months, deep down he just knew that she would be his wife.

With the Wasatch Mountains as Their Witness

It’s a real special thing to have your bridal suite in a horse trailer gifted by your parents. To have a ring placed on your finger that has been waiting to be there for years. To vow your love in witness of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. For these two a vow didn’t come in words, but rather a look. They locked eyes knowing that their love couldn’t be summed up in words. Their love is felt. It would simply play out as it had done before without expectation. The couple said their “I do’s” as the light began to fade from the valley that they call home in Logan, Utah. They walked hand in hand back down the dirt road that had led them on so many adventures accompanied by their dogs and horses. It was perfect that this road now led them further on their life together.


Let’s Go on an Adventure

Chelsea’s gorgeous dress was made by Petals and Promises of Logan, Utah for this Utah adventure elopement.

Her simple and elegant bouquet was created by Florette of Park City, Utah.


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san diego california wedding

California Wedding on the Coast

California Wedding On the Coast

Halie West Photography | California Adventure Wedding Photographer


California weddings are better with a view of the ocean. Kavita and Brendan met at San Diego State University (SDSU) during a luncheon for a lecture about spiders. Brendan was getting his Master’s in Evolutionary Biology, while Kavita was (and still is) perusing a PhD in Ecology.  Yeah, these two are really dang smart and passionate about the world around us. There must have been something about Brendan that caused Kavita to reach out to him after that luncheon. You could say that she got caught in his web.
There was just something about the way these two would look at each other that pulls on the heart strings. They’ve supported each other through the challenges of grad school and long distance. They were oh so excited to be able to tie the knot. They started an adventure of their new chapter of their life together.

From Kavita before their wedding

“It all started at a lunch for Wayne Maddison at SDSU on September 19th, 2016. I knew I couldn’t make it to the actual lecture that evening, so I decided to sign up for the lunch. After all, who doesn’t like spiders? I arrived at the meeting location and discovered that most of the people who were attending were unfamiliar to me. We went around and did introductions, and of course Brendan was one of the people there. He swears he spoke to me at lunch, I do not recall any such thing. Flash forward to Homecoming weekend during the first week of November. I happened to ask Brendan if he was going, he said yes and then invited me to tailgate with his lab. I returned the courtesy by inviting him to a party that some members of my cohort were hosting that same evening. We talked a lot at both events and to me, the rest is history. . . and now here I am engaged to the man of my dreams and the love of my life.”

From Brendan before their wedding

“I once heard that if you pursue what you’re passionate about, you’ll find that special someone who will make your life complete. I’m not going to say that’s true for everyone, but it certainly was true in my case. Those who know me know that I’ve always been a spider nut with a big appetite, so it was very fitting that I met the love of my life at a lunch event centered around spiders. Two and a half years ago, the SDSU biology department hosted a social lunch for grad students to meet one of one of the world’s leading experts on jumping spiders, and it was there that I met Kavita. We didn’t get much farther than simple introductions that day, but we got to know each other a lot better when I invited her to join a tailgating event for homecoming. As we nerded out over superheroes and Lord of the Rings, I realized I had found someone extraordinary. Fast forward to today, and here I am, engaged to this woman who never ceases to amaze me with her love, compassion, and insight. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m keeping this one!”

On their wedding day in San Diego

Kavita and Brendan had such a beautiful Southern California wedding. Their wedding day began at the wedding bowl overlooking the Pacific Ocean in San Diego. Kavita covered Brendan’s eyes before he turned to see his bride to be. While tearing up the two held each other the way you embrace an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s the way you should always hold those you love. A secret vow and ring exchange before their ceremony will forever make my heart skip a beat.
Their ceremony was equally as beautiful. Mishti, their pup, who walked down the isle with Brendan and stole my heart away. However, it was Kavita who took everyone’s breathe away. She was just glowing as her parents gave her away to her loving, soon to be husband.
The ceremony was a beautiful blend of religion and culture, friends and family, and the love that Kavita and Brendan hold for one another.
Kavita and Brendan’s love story is proof that getting to hold the one you love is worth all the distance and time apart. It only makes the adventures you go on together that much sweeter.


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