California Beach Adventure Session | Southern California

Halie West Photography | California Elopement Photographer


Jordan + Kaylee’s California beach adventure session was so much fun. Hermosa Beach in California is so spacious and lovely. The air was filled with the smell of the churning sea, clouds clung to the horizon, and the sand was soft and warm underfoot. The water curled over on itself while catching the rays of the glinting sun. It was quiet enough to believe that we had the beach all to ourselves. The summer day cast a golden glow over these two cuties that was almost as bright and warm as their love. This California couple ran around on the beach, played in the waves, and did a dance number or two.

Both Kaylee and Jordan had huge smiles on their faces the whole time during this California adventure session. They held each other as if they never wanted to let go and kissed every chance they got. This is how love should be. Endless like the sea. We ended the day with a glorious sunset that turned the beach hues of pink and purple. The California coast is full of beautiful surprises, and these two fit perfectly among the landscape.

There is something about the endless stretch of sand and water that causes one to think about how small we are in this space. However, there is something about being wrapped in the arms of the one you love that makes it more humbling. It’s just you, them, and the peace that surrounds you. Nature allows us to be ourselves with those who matter most. What could be better than that for a memorable adventure session.

Want to have a California adventure session of your own to celebrate your engagement, anniversary, or just because? Get in touch! Let’s go out and wander together.