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The Ultimate Antelope Island Elopement Guide | Utah

Planning Your Wedding Day on Antelope Island

Table of Contents

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Why You Should Elope on Antelope Island

Antelope Island is a lovely State Park to elope in. The park has hiking trails, biking paths, beautiful landscapes and active wildlife. It only costs $10 per car to get into Antelope Island State Park. You can also get in with an Annual State Park Pass pass. The state park is home to animals like bison, pronghorn antelope, and bighorn sheep.

You can be sure to see bison during your visit to the park. Sweeping grasslands housing a herd of bison back dropped by snow capped mountains really makes you feel far from Salt Lake City. The vastness of the island is enough to make you feel small. While staring out over The Great Salt Lake it is incredible to think that this lake once filled the whole valley up the base of the Wasatch mountains.

Watching the sun set over that lake is absolutely incredible.

Antelope Island is a beautiful place with incredible landscapes, endless adventures, and lots of wildlife to encounter. If your elopement calls for adventure this just may be the place for you. Read on to see what you need to plan your elopement on Antelope Island.

The Antelope Island Elopement Checklist

Find Your Elopement Team

Your elopement team starts with booking your photographer. You will be spending a lot of time with them, and they can help you find other vendors and to plan your day! So hi! I would love to be considered as your photographer and guide.

Other vendors you may want to add to the team are an officiant, elopement planner, hair and makeup artist, florist, musician, and a caterer or chef. Discuss with your partner what type of team will be best for your day and find the people that speak to you!

Choose When You Want to Elope

Antelope Island is best visited in mid spring when the landscapes are lush and green. However, each season has something different to offer.

Let’s take a look at each season’s conditions to see which is best for you!


  • Lush landscapes
  • Wildflowers start to bloom
  • Chance of rain
  • Insects will be active


  • Warmer weather
  • Great time for a swim
  • Long days for adventure
  • Insects will be most active


  • Cooler temps as season goes on
  • Chance for light rain
  • Possibility for insects 


  • Snow looks amazing
  • Colder temps and less crowds
  • Chance of snow and ice on trails
  • Lake reflects the sky
  • Snow capped mountains!

Busy season ranges from late Spring through early Fall. Remember that eloping on a weekday means less crowds and more privacy for you and your loved ones.

Choose Your Ceremony Location

The state park designates four different locations for elopement ceremonies. It also opens up the opportunity to hold your ceremony at any location that gets approved! This is great for tiny ceremonies.

Your ideal ceremony location may depend on the amount of guests you plan on having. Working with a park ranger by filling out this form can help you determine which site is right for you.

You can send your application or ask questions to Assistant Park Manager Wendy Wilson at

Apply For Needed Permits

You can apply to have your elopement on Antelope Island with the same application that lists the ceremony locations. Application base fees are $60 and may vary based on the size of your elopement.

Book Your Accommodations

You may be traveling from out of state for your elopement. Salt Lake City Airport is just under an hour away from Antelope Island. You can also opt out of flying and road trip to Utah!

You can find a cozy airbnb to stay in, book a hotel room, or camp at the state park. Be sure to find a place that fits the needs of your elopement.

Here are Some Lodging Recommendations:

Salt Lake City Loft

Beesley Cottage

Salt Lake Downtown Studio

Cute Ski Cabin

Antelope Island Campgrounds

Make it Legal

Getting your Utah marriage is a fairly easy process. The licenses are good for 30 days and you can get your license the same day as your elopement! 

To Make Your Marriage Legal:

  • Both you and your partner must be present, have legal ID, and know your socials at the time of application
  • You need to know your full names, your dates and places of birth, your addresses, parents names, and parents places of birth for the application
  • You must pay fees that range from $30-50 that may be cash only
  • Your elopement needs an officiant to be legal
  • Two witnesses must sign your license

The Davis County Clerk Office is the closest place you can get your marriage license for $50. You can also get your marriage license in Salt Lake City for the same fee!

Choose Your Adventures

Antelope Island has a bunch of different adventure options. There are endless places to explore. I highly recommend watching the sun set over the lake to end your day!

Some Adventures Include:




Wildlife Spotting

Horseback Riding



Leave No Trace

Every venture into nature should be done by leaving as little impact as possible. Your elopement is no different. If you are unfamiliar with Leave No Trace (LNT) please read the 7 LNT Principles. Staying on trails and picking up trash brings good wedding day karma. Throwing confetti or flower petals isn’t a good idea in a State Park. Don’t worry, you can still pop champagne to celebrate your love!

Go On Your Greatest Adventure Yet! 

Now you are ready to have the Antelope Island elopement of your dreams! Do what works for you and add to this list. Your elopement is all about making a day that is all your own. I hope that this guide gets you stoked over planning your adventure together. 

Want to learn more about eloping? See How It Works here!

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